Dramis trucks feature the massive load capacity of off road trucks at low acquisition, operating and maintenance costs.

Haul more. Save more.
The lowest cost per tonne.
Dramis Mining Truck

Dramis trucks can complete more dump cycles per hour with higher fuel efficiency.

The best return on your
investment in its category.
Dramis - Western Star

Dramis trucks can cover long distances at high speed, even when loaded. Unloaded, they can legally and safely travel on the public road network.

Quick. Versatile. The ultimate
addition to your fleet.
Dramis - Mack

Dramis trucks can maintain outstanding production rates, even on difficult terrain and under the harshest northern conditions.

Dramis trucks reveal their
full value under extreme condition.
Dramis Off road truck


In terms of performance and versatility, Dramis trucks are unbeatable. They can move more material per hour and can maintain this performance rate over longer periods.


Unloaded, Dramis trucks can legally and safely travel on the public road network. Savings add up every step of the way. In the end, they lower your cost per tonne like never before.

Maximum payload

With a payload capacity of 55, 60 or 65 metric tonnes, Dramis ultra heavy-duty dump bodies can move low- to very high-density materials. The dump body's configuration is catered to material type to maximize payload capacity and increase productivity.

Maximum productivity

With an empty dump body, Dramis trucks can safely reach off- and on-road speeds of up to 80 km/h. With a full load, they can maintain a top speed of 70 km/h over long distances. This means more dump cycles per hour for maximum efficiency.

Maximum availability

Less down time. Shorter maintenance periods. Dramis trucks are true workhorses by design. Fuel efficiency, durable components and quick and easy access to parts when maintenance is required means they are available when you need them.

Lower acquisition costs

Based on a reconfigured Class 8 chassis, Dramis significantly lowers the acquisition cost for your 55- to 60-tonne trucks. Without ever compromising power and durability, we make full use of standard, readily available and low-cost OEM components to keep the price point right on track.

Higher operating profits

The weight and performance of the equipment used on Dramis trucks result in fuel savings of over 40%. Our trucks can travel from site to site and on public roads less than 20 metres wide without the need for a trailer or special permits.

Lower maintenance costs

Easy maintenance. No specialized technicians required. Dramis trucks get right back to work. The vast majority of parts are readily available for ultra-fast maintenance and repair turnaround times. And, your Dramis trucks can be serviced at a dealership or directly at our workshops.

The revolution rolls on

Dramis introduces a new generation of mining and off road trucks designed and manufactured to constantly deliver the lowest cost per tonne.


Our semi-active hydraulic suspension system senses and reacts to obstacles to keep the rear wheels in constant contact with the ground. This provides unequalled stability on flat or uneven terrain, slopes and during sharp, high-speed turning manoeuvres.



Our high-capacity dump bodies are custom built based on the density of the material to be hauled. The result is a payload capacity of up to 65 metric tonnes—three times more than a conventional Class 8 dump truck.



The right selection of transmission and rear drive axles provide 15- and 16-litre engines with a gear ratio adapted to your job site configuration and load type. This provides you with exceptional power and better traction on slopes.



The automatic levelling system prevents the dump body from being raised or tilted when the truck is at more than 7 degrees of lateral inclination. Everything was designed to minimize the risk of accidents and to eliminate avoidable human and financial costs from the picture.

A proven track record

Dramis trucks have logged tens of thousands of hours of rigorous testing and operation. They have been subjected to the most inhospitable environments, extreme winter conditions and tested with world-class partners.
Western Star