A philosophy of innovation

We develop innovative products with the unwavering objective of lowering your tonne-per-hour cost. With each and every new Dramis truck delivery, our customers experience equipment that can haul maximum payloads, more quickly and at a lower cost. We strive for quality and excellence in all our decisions and actions, which are always geared towards increasing your productivity.

Solid partnerships

We have been developing products and partnerships with world-class manufacturers for nearly a century.

Western Star

Simard Suspensions

Dramis is a division of Simard Suspensions, a world leader in specialized truck modification. Since 1935, Simard Suspensions has forged an international reputation in the area of heavy vehicle load distribution. The company's record of developing unique products is the result of decades of hard work and determination. Simard Suspensions' team of specialists are experts at installing tandem and tridem suspension systems, semi-active hydraulic suspension systems, steering systems, all-wheel drive conversions and chassis modifications.