Dramis in action

The Dramis promise is based on hard facts and the result of tenacious work with world-class partners. Thousands of hours of operation have been logged to test and push the boundaries.

Just what can a Dramis truck do? There's nothing like seeing one in action.



DRAMIS D55T by Simard Suspensions Kenworth C500 chassis - Mining truck
Dramis D55T (Mack chassis) Load cycle tests - Mining truck
Simard Suspensions MACK 10X6 SVSE et AMS46THD
Dramis D50T 10X6 Super Off-Road Hauler
Dramis D55T Day Group (Kenworth T800 chassis) - Mining truck
Excon Dramis D55T (Mack Chassis) Salar de Atacama - Mining truck
Dramis D55T (Mack chassis) Excon Construcciòn (Chile) - Mining truck
Dramis D55T (Kenworth chassis) Unloaded cycle - Mining truck
Dramis D55T (Kenworth chassis) rear climb loaded with 55 metric tons - Mining truck
Dramis D55T Day Group Kenworth chassis - Mining truck
Dramis D50T Simard Suspensions 10x6 at Sitec
Dramis D50T Mack Granite - Mining truck
Dramis D50T Unloading Process
DRAMIS D50T (Mack chassis) vs Rigid... - Mining truck